I'll Kill Anyone Who Tries To Hurt Them.

Assalamualaikum. and Evening Loves !

This post is dedicated to the most important person in this whole world.

The person i will kill for and die without.
They're my bestfriend, my soul-mate.

They're my strength, my laugher, the core of my happiness.
They're my confidence, my self-esteem.
They're strong, loving, caring, passionate and one of a kind.
They make me believe in everything impossible and make them possible.
They're the reason i wake up everyday

They're the reason my life is complete.

They're the key ingredient in my life.
They made me who i am today.
They never left my side even when i was telling them to go away.

They are my beloved PARENT and they're my heart, my soul and the reason for my existence.

I love THEM so much, mak ayah !
Although i don't show it as much, believe that i do.