MARCH is gorgeous.


hehehe. are you good? look at down, some was that suite with myself. auwww! i cant believe it. how dare right? 

drop dead gorgeous.

attractive personality. 

Very sexy. 

Affectionate & Secretive.

Naturally honest. 

generous and sympathetic. 


 Loves to talk a lot.

 Loves to get their way. 

Unbelievable kisser.

Easily angered. 

Very stubborn in the most way possible.

Loves to get noticed.

Willing to take risks for others.

 Makes good choices.

 Has a great fashion sense.

 Maybe a little too popular with others. 

Outgoing and crazy at times.


Can sometimes be a heartbreaker. 

Can love as much as possible.

 Hates insults. 

Loves compliments.

and quiet the charmer. 


Appreciative and returns kindness. 

The best in bed out of the other 11 months.

Hardly shows emotions. 

Tends to bottle up feelings. 

Observant and assesses others. 

likes to keep theyre crushes kinda secret.

pretty much flawless.

jangan pedulikan gmbaq ney.

: alhamdulilah, aku lulus ujian QTI keta. soo skag tgah tggu date utuk JPJ pulak. doakan aku yeah! thanx.  

thanx for read (: